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Our school lunches will be available during term times. For each lunch, you can choose a main, a side and a dessert. Each lunch will be delivered in our fun reusable boxes (to be returned) and also contain a food science fact or little food joke. If you want to buy our food boxes, please click here.

All year around, we offer delicious treats, each which will be prepared and delivered on agreed days - see below a small selection. We are happy to make some variants too, just ask!


Price includes local delivery 3 miles from CR8 5JB

We will deliver school lunches the day prior lunch (between 3-7pm) & collect box after use to be washed & reused. 

Treats: Contact us with your preferred delivery date prior to ordering.

Lunch Prices:

Per lunch: £4.50

15% discount when ordering 5 or more lunches, code 5X

20% discount when ordering 10 or more lunches, code 10x

Allergies? Please let us know and we will work with you to find a suitable tasty lunch. We do use peanuts, nuts and other main allergens in other products on site, so unfortunately can't serve those with severe allergies just yet.  Our breads and pasta's do contain gluten. We hope to serve gluten free lunches in the future!

Need help? Get in touch!


Bon Appetit!