Rainbow Food Challenge

Eating fruit and vegetables in all colours of the rainbow ensures that we get a wide range of vitamins and nutritients. To help kids appreciate a wide range of fruits and vegetables, we have created 5 little challenges.

1. Rainbow fruit & veg drawing challenge.

Print or recreate the image below. Try to draw a fruit or veg in each of the coloured boxes - with the food to match the colour of the box. 

Rainbow food challenge draw fruit and ve

2. Rainbow fruit & veg shopping.

Go to a food market, farm shop or supermarket with your family. Let each family member choose a red, an orange, a yellow, a green and a blue/purple fruit or vegetable.

3. Rainbow fruit & veg colouring.

Save & print out the colouring page below. Every time you eat something from this page, you can colour the food.

rainbow colour chart fruit and veg chall

4. Make a super-healthy salad 

Can you make a salad with each of the colours of the rainbow on your plate? Share your pictures on social media under #rainbowfoodchallenge & we would love to be tagged in @edibee_family_food (IG) / @edibee (fb)

5. Have a rainbow dish week

Dedicate for one week, one dish a day to one of the colours of the rainbow! Anything goes! Just some ideas: Monday a tomato pasta and watermelon for dessert, Tuesday pumpkin soup with roasted sweet potato, Wednesday a yellow fruit yoghurt for breakfast, Thursday a green salad for lunch and friday blueberry porridge.