Updated: Oct 14, 2021

What would you serve at a kids party?

Even in normal times, I wonder what is best serve at a kids party. You don’t want to be that mum that only serves sweets and junk … but then, being the mum that serves only greens at a party is probably a big no-no too.

And that’s just in normal times.

Overlay this with Covid-19 lockdowns and you now not only have to decide what to serve and how to set up an engaging zoom party, but you also have to think harder how to prep the food, how to get the food safely to the kids, how to pack the food, which foods would actually last in little containers/bags … and I am sure that you can think of another long list to add whilst you are planning your party too!

My 3 lockdown party food rules

So let’s start with the first rule of kids party food

ONE. Keep it fun & keep it simple!

TWO. Serve a few different items, then generally there is something to please most.

Don’t go overboard, you are packing food per child for a limited time period only.

THREE. Consider your packaging before deciding the food.

Sturdy recyclable or reusable packaging would be preferable for me.

Food decision time

What would the birthday child like to serve to their friends? Are there are any allergies?

From here you may have already narrowed it down pretty well. For some more inspiration, what about...

  • A main such as pizza, hot dogs, sausage roll, pancakes or selection of sandwiches

  • A healthier side such as fruit salad, crudities, watermelon, grapes, apple wedges, cheeses, garlic bread

  • A dessert such as a cupcake, popcorn, crisps, biscuits, sweets kebab or chocolate

  • And maybe add something for the parent too– or am I just speaking as the parent now ;-)

  • And whilst being generous, let's not forget about siblings. A little package with something small, although not necessary, will often be appreciated

A reusable container would suit most foods, and if you want to make different compartments, cupcake cases make fun little pots that usually fit into a larger container. Alternatively, little paper bags work perfect for dry foods too.

And if you want to make your life even easier, EdiBee can take all the hassle away from you. Together, with our caterers, we have served at lots of kids parties. Using our bespoke boxes, we can pack it in a fun sustainable way. We will deliver for you too – even the party games if you wish! Click here to find our more!

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