Healthy start of the year?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Nearly the end of January. Did you set any good intentions for this New Year? Are you still following them, or have your days been taken over by home schooling?

For many families, the days are pretty full on at the moment. Healthy dinners will need to be simple & quickly prepared for now. Never mind having a decent lunch each day.

For our family, I try to make different lunches and dinners every day, to encourage the kids to eat a wider variety of foods and thus a greater variety of nutrients. Not always easy, and better not to ask the kids what they would like to eat, as you may not like the answer anyway! Instead, I try to surprise my kids with something I know they will like, plus I might just add something ‘new’ or different to their plate.

How to keep variety in your lunches during lockdown?

Keeping a few basics at home might just help to get some more variation into your kid’s lunches. I now tend to stock up on flour, soup, baked beans, (vegetarian) sausages, pasta, tinned tomatoes, (seeded) wholemeal bread, milk, frozen fruit, plain yoghurt, cheese and eggs.

With these ingredients, you can make simple quick lunches that steer away from the Nutella sandwiches each day. From a simple tomato soup with toast, baked beans on toast to home made sausage roll or quick pasta. Add a piece of fruit, a smoothie or some crudities to get some more vit C too!

How to make dinner time easier?

For dinner time, I have taken the dust of our slow cooker again. I find it especially helpful during the colder months, and it allows me to prep most of the meal in the morning when I still feel fresh. All I have to do at dinner time is to dish up! (Ah and I might fry up some onions at this point, just because that makes most slow cooked meals even yummier!)

It is also great to prepare some larger batches of favourite foods, such as spaghetti with meat balls, lasagne or a chilli, perfect to stick in the freezer to enjoy again at a later date.

And finally, on Fridays, the kids are involved with cooking. It might be to make and decorate a pizza or make some Tapas style dishes to eat during a movie! They love plating everything up and making plates and/or tables look pretty too.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions on how to make sure your families eats a varied, but quick and simple meal! Bon Appetit!

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