A new breakfast routine

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Does your child tend to just grab for the same cereals every morning?

Mine do! And if it’s just up to them, they will immediately grab the chocolatey ones too.

We always have a different assortment of cereals at home, to mix it up a bit.

Variety in all our meals helps us to eat a healthy balanced diet. And I am ready to take our breakfast routine to a new level and introduce a breakfast rotation system as an easy way to start having some variety in our breakfasts.

If you are looking to add some variety in your family breakfast routine too, this post might bring you some ideas what to serve, whilst keeping it kids & time friendly for easy mornings!

Luckily, my kids like to get up quite early in the mornings, mostly to give themselves some time to play before school. It has the benefit that we do have time to sit down for breakfast together, which I love! Not something that happened often prior to lockdown!

Breakfast rotation

To make sure we actually do add the variety, and keep to it, I find it useful to add some organisation and routine in place. I have created the list below to help us get a more varied diet. Easy to print and keep in the kitchen. Most items on the list are already kids’ favourites, and each day has the flexibility to make some adjustments to whatever ingredients we have at home and everyone’s wishes.

Breakfast ideas for more variety and easy mornings

For the berries, in summer we tend to have different fresh berries, whilst all year around we have a supply of frozen berries at home. Perfect to swish up a quick smoothie, or add to breakfast, dessert, or cakes!

For drinks, the kids love to drink both milk and juice, so I will serve either a glass of milk or juice with each breakfast too.

One of my aims is to try to have one of their 5 a day at breakfast, this rotation plus a glass of juice should def help with that!

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