5 ways to reduce food waste

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

The food waste issue is accumulating a large amount of carbon footprint. Here are 5 ways that you can do your part and help reduce food waste.

  1. Plan ahead and buy only what you need. When going food shopping without a plan can lead to picking up unnecessary items. You can get easily carried away by simply buying too much. To keep your kitchen on track, try to eat leftovers, think of meals you might eat out, and avoid unnecessary purchases by planning your grocery list ahead of time.

  2. Use your freezer. Frozen foods can be just as nutritious and healthy as fresh food. They also remain edible for much longer. Cooking and freezing food (especially produce) before it goes out of date is an excellent approach to prevent having to waste it. For more ideas on how and what to freeze The Full Freezer is an excellent resource.

  3. Be creative with leftovers. Before you shop, go and explore around your kitchen and see if there is anything you can already make. Websites like Big Oven, Supercook, and MyFridgeFood allow you to search for recipes based on ingredients already in your kitchen. It's fun and creative to make cooking fun while saving food.

  4. Blend, bake, or boil. We are all guilty of throwing away those fruits and vegetables that are beyond ripe may not look pretty but that doesn't mean they are indispensable. These produce are still able to taste delicious in recipes. Try using your wilting, browning, or imperfect produce to make sweet smoothies, bread, jams, sauces, or soup stocks.

  5. Talk it up. Spreading awareness and talking about ways of preventing food waste is the best way to shrink its impact on the planet. If we avoid producing food that we don't eat, we can save the land, water, and energy that would have been used to make it. And awareness is a good first step

How Edibee is helping others reduce food waste

At Edibee we have dedicated our mission to have fun with food, explore foods and become more food conscious. In the spirit of becoming more aware we have a variety of products that are Eco friendly and can help reduce your own carbon footprint. Our new food plate & bowl covers help reuse food and save it for later. We also provide a weekly service of school meals that will help you not have to worry or stress about planning ahead any healthy nutritious school meals. Both of these methods can help decrease your own amount of food waste.

Saving the world and reducing the amount of waste added to the environment is an important cause to us. The average pack lunch box doesn't come with containers that cut down the amount of cling film used. Plastic can harm our precious environment and be lethal to wildlife. Education secretary Damian Hinds said that he wants schools to phase out plastic. Schools have been told to eliminate all single-use plastics by 2022. At Edibee we provide a school lunch box that comes with 3 separate compartments to eliminate the use of wrapping each item in cling film.

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