Christmas tree hot dog


To make a Christmas tree hotdog, you need 2 or 3 hot dog sausages, and a  wooden skewer.

Optional extra's: cucumber, cherry tomato/grape/cheese, strawberry laces, hotdog sandwich,

and ketchup. 

  1. Lay the hotdogs on next to each other, the top one(s), slightly askew from the bottom one.

  2. Put the skewer through all 3 sausages, about 3.5cm from the right hand side of the bottom hotdog.

  3. Now cut with a knife the edges at the the right hand side to get the shape of the bottom of the Christmas tree.

  4. Measure the length of the bottom sausage to be about 7cm, then cut the same angular Christmas tree shape on the left hand side. 

  5. Take the largest hotdog sliced piece, add to top of the skewer and slice following the pattern. Repeat this step until your Christmas tree has the right shape.

  6. If  you wish, you can add a piece of cucumber for the trunk, and a cherry tomato/grape/cheese star or other food for the top.

  7. To decorate, you can use a strawberry lace to run around the tree.

Christmas tree lunch hotdog sandwich.png

Christmas tree sandwiches


To make a Christmas tree sandwich you need 2+ slices of bread, some margarine, a sandwich filler of your choice and a skewer. It is easiest to make with a sticky sandwich filler such as cream cheese or jam, however, you can use anything as the filler. Ideally use a square (Pullman) bread.

  1. Make a double sandwich with your margarine and sandwich filler.

  2. Remove the crust on all 4 sides.

  3. Slice the bread in half, and each half in halfs again, making 4 longer strips.

  4. Take 2 strips, butter the tops and add a bit of filler. 

  5. Turn them a quarter, so you can see the filling in the middle. Add them together. 

  6. Repeat this with the other 2 pieces, until all are stuck together. Each side of the bread should have some margarine and filler except the very top and bottom. 

  7. Move the layers of bread so that they are going up on a angle (to avoid waste) on the right hand side

  8. Cut the right hand side into the side of a Christmas tree.

  9. Add a skewer so it goes through the top you just created and slice the other side of the tree. By Doing this you will have used the largest part of the bread. 

  10. You should have enough sandwich left to add a smaller tree.