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Making good food fun

EdiBee   provides a range of products and services around kids & family food.

Our journey started making educational, fun kids lunches, with the believe that if kids know more about food, they will make better food choices, something that will stay with them for life. 

More recently, we have expanded our range by offering our fun practical lunch boxes for sale, as well as other eco products, such as sandwich wraps, and plate & bowl food covers.



Better food for  your family

We love to have fun with food, explore healthy & tasty foods and becoming more food conscious.


We are always thinking about food and would love to be part of your food journey too. Whether this is by learning more about it about foods from different cultures, trying to cook something new with the kids or even reducing our food waste together.

Have a look at our range of products to see if anything inspires you on your food journey.


What our customers
love about EdiBee...


“This was the best school lunch I ever had”

"It is the best pasta ever"

"EdiBee lunches are the best"

Kids 6-11 years, EdiBee school lunches customers

Sandwich foodwrap fabric EdiBee.JPG

"I love the watermelon and bee sandwich wraps!"

"Your wraps are wonderfully made! Well done!"

"Love that they are machine washable"

— Reusable sandwich & food wrap & covers customers

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Our beehive is located in Kenley, UK

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