EdiBee  Food Science


EdiBee's lunch boxes contain engaging food science content to support's childrens' food understanding. By knowing more about food, children are likely to make healthier choices, and create better diets for life. This page shows a few examples and the topics that are covered. 

  • Food Perception

    Children learn about the Science of perception, and liking. Why do we like certain foods, how do we taste?

  • Cultures

    Children lean about foods and eating habits from different cultures. In this Sushi example, children were asked to identify Maki, Nigiri and Sushi Rice

  • Nutrition

    Children learn about basics of food nutrition. Vitamins, minerals, salt & sugar, but also allergens and labelling.

  • Foods

    Children will learn more about different foods. The appearance, how and where it grows, and what is in season.

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