EdiBee  Food Fashion


To protect your food, we have created some amazing pieces of fashion. Each piece is lined with our amazing waterproof, washable, food-safe eco lining. For the outer fabric we source 100% cotton fabrics to suit your taste and dress up your food the way you like it best.

Available in bowl/plate covers, sandwich bags, apple pockets, snack bags and wraps. Click below to browse our shop. 

Don't let any food go to waste with our fun eco friendly reusable & washable bowl & plate covers

HP large fabric food cover.png

Ditch the plastic and choose these reusable, washable sandwich bags & food pockets

Washable sandwich bag Edibee.png

Our light weight option to keeping food safe - without taking any extra space in your bag. Eco friendly reusable food covers

Sandwich foodwrap fabric EdiBee.JPG