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Beatiful food fashion & kitchen accessories

Better food accessories
for beautiful family kitchens

Our food fashion and kitchen accessory products are created for people who appreciate food. Food actually taste better when it looks better and when presented in a nice environment. Our goals are to add a little bit of beauty to your kitchen, keeping your food safe and your eco foot print low.

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Food that looks better, tastes better

Food Fashion

Ditch the tin foil & film, and dress up your food in something a little (a lot!) more fun! We offer a range of eco friendly food covers, each lined with food safe, washable, waterproof eco fabric. Available in bowl/plate covers, sandwich bags, fruit/snack pockets, and wraps and in different beautiful patterns to suit you & your kitchen.

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Sturdy Kids Lunch Boxes

Enjoy delicious lunches in your own sturdy kids lunch box. Bento boxes encourage children to have a variety of foods in their lunch box and are perfect to take as a school lunch pack.

Eco Food Accessories

Looking to make your home a little greener? Our specially selected eco kitchen accessories provide great alternatives to disposable materials and in addition support small family farms.

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Our values

The two things that are in our blood, are tasty food and creativity. At EdiBee, we combined the two to create practical, food-safe, sustainable, but most of all, fun products for your kitchen. We believe that adding a little bit more fun will make a world of difference to family meals. Our products are created for people who want to make a difference, the blogs we write are there to inspire and the materials we use are better for our planet. 

recent client feedback

and I use the ones that look like shower caps almost every day!"

"I really love your food cover-ups - they are easy to use and easier to clean ...

Merve, Germany


Our location

We are based in the UK, in Kenley, south of London